Are you interested in becoming a market trader on Widnes Market?

On this page you will find information and a variety of links to help you through the process.

  • Widnes Market is open 5 days a week.
  • It is closed on Tuesdays and Sundays (except near to Christmas).
  • The Market is also closed on Bank Holiday Mondays.
  • Wednesday is Flea Market Day on the outdoor market.

We are always looking for new unique businesses to support the offer at Widnes Market.

We have stalls to let both within the market hall and on the open market and in both cases applications should be made to the market office using the application form attached below. Please provide as much detail as possible about the products that you intend to sell or the services you wish to offer to aid our decision making process.

Applications for indoor stalls are considered approximately every six weeks, when a panel of representatives with an interest in the market meet to discuss applications and come to a decision about whether or not they should be successful. Where an application is successful we will arrange for the applicant to come and meet the market team at a mutually convenient time who will provide you with prices of stalls and run through the rules and procedures for renting them.

An average price of stall is provided in the application form. However this will vary depending on what is available at a given time. Decisions can be made in relation to stalls on the open market by the markets team.

Prices range from £13.30 per stall on a Monday to £19.50 per stall on a Friday and £21.50 per stall on a Saturday. You should expect a phone call from us to advise you of our decision within a week of receipt of your completed form. If your application is successful we will be able to give you a stall number for your first trading day as soon as you have provided the markets team with the forms identification set out in the application form. Stall allocations will be based on the commodities that you are proposing to sell. There will be some flexibility on this and you should speak with a member of the markets team should you have any particular preferences.

Flea market traders

Flea market traders are advised to arrive at the open market at around 6am on whichever Wednesday morning they would like to trade. They should report to the guard on duty who will provide them with a number and stall allocations will be made in numerical order. We advise all flea market traders to bring tables.

You can contact the market office on 0151 511 8880 or email for more information.

A markets charging policy was agreed at Executive Board and was effective from 1st April 2016.  It brings together in one document all the relevant costs associated with renting a stall or storage space at Widnes Market Hall and Widnes Open Market. The document provides a framework for clarity, transparency and equity in how Halton Borough Council charges traders/tenants for using our markets.

You can find out more about Markets and what you need to do on the links below.

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